Analytics amateur question

From: Kevin Lidh <>
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 08:57:53 -0600
Message-ID: <>

I'm trying to reconstruct some information for a customer. They want to know how their databases have grown in the last year. We have Grid Control but encountered a bug around May and it stopped being able to run the job that gathers and stores this information. I can get when we add data files from v$datafile and I know that we add data files when we're within 2 GB of filling up a tablespace. So following the information backwards, I can construct data points for how much space is allocated (data files) and how much is used (2 GB less than max when a file is added). What I'd like to do is use analytics to use these data points to provide a month-by-month "where we were" picture of database growth. I know the "used" will be approximate because it would assume linear growth between data points but I think it would be a good enough picture. Would anyone more familiar with analytics be able to show me how to roll up this information into monthly data points?

I would assume the data would be something like this:


--------------- ----------- --------- ------
MYDATA 3-MAY-2010 102400 81920 MYINDEX 3-MAY-2010 102400 81920 MYDATA 17-MAY-2010 122880 102400 MYDATA 4-JUN-2010 143360 122880 MYINDEX 10-JUN-2010 122880 102400 MYDATA 11-JUN-2010 163840 143360

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