Re: application's raised error going to alert log

From: Nigel Thomas <>
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2010 14:52:47 +0100
Message-ID: <>

What error number is it using? I believe ORA-006xx errors get written to alert log more or less automatically (but you shouldn't be using them for user exceptions, which start at 20000).

You can trace errors by number eg (ref


will cause all 6502 errors to be caught and added to the process trace file (not the alert log though). And of course you could set this in the pfile/spfile rather than by session.

Regards Nigel

On 1 September 2010 14:34, <> wrote:

> The application code is calling RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR with it's own
> user-defined PRAGMA EXCEPTION and text, but the TRIGGER that called the
> package to call raise_application_error isn't handling that error. I think
> that's why it's going to the alert log. Am i on the right track, anyone? i
> don't see ksdwrt anywhere in the application's code and DBMS_SYSTEM is
> wrapped, so i don't know if RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR is calling it.
> Lyall

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