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From: Matthew Zito <>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 16:36:42 -0400
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You use the bonding driver - just like you do for Ethernet, iirc. What problem are you experiencing? What do your ifcfg- files look like?  


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Subject: RAC Infiniband Questions  

Hey Guys,  

We are building out our RAC environment on with RHEL 5.5 on Sun x4270 servers. We are running into problems trying to bind our Infiniband connections together. In SAND & DEV, we have 2 node clusters. Each node has 2 HCA's (Sun Dual Port 40Gb/sec 4x Infiniband QDR Host Channel Adapter), 1 & 2 with 2 ports, A & B. We have 2 Sun 36 port Infiniband switches. What we are trying to do is bind 1.A with 2.A and bind 1.B with 2.B. However, there is very little documentation from Sun/Oracle or RedHat on how to do this and all of our attempts have failed. So, right now these environments are using one connection between the nodes using UDP.  

We are currently building out TEST and we need to have this working by the 10th of Sept. We will then rebuild DEV & SAND to have the binding working correctly. So, I am hoping/praying that you can guide us here on how we go about configuring the binding of the IB ports. Is there some documentation that you would send me? We have read "RAC Support for RDS Over Infiniband [ID 751343.1]" and are essentially stuck at step #2.  

On a Similar vein, once we get the channels bound, we would then have 2 private, bound interfaces to use. In the cluster install (step 6 of 16), would we select both of them or just one?  

Thanks for your help here, I really appreciate it!  

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