RE: Real time data trasfer between 2 DB

From: Upendra N <>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2010 01:50:30 -0400
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Hi Arvind,
Depends on the flexibility on "near real time" requirements, you could use the following:

  1. Materialized views - You could setup MVs with fast refresh to every minute or 30 seconds refresh interval. Depending on your read-only or read write requirements on the tables, this may or may not work. This is easy to setup and easy to manage.
  2. Active Data guard - If you want only a read only database at the other site, this will work.
  3. Advanced replication - You could setup replication interval to 30-60 seconds. Provides flexibility to use tables that can be updated at both the databases.
  4. Oracle Streams - You could setup schema level or selective table level replication, replication interval could be 30-60 seconds.
  5. Depending on the flexibility you could also consider Oracle RAC - Metro cluster where RAC nodes spread across multiple data centers.

Near real time could be 5 milliseconds or 5 minutes... you need to define this.

Some of the questions you need to clarify: How large are the initial size of the tables? Do you want update capabilities on the destination database? How much data will you generate between the refresh interval? Do you have any special data types that needs to be replicated?


Subject: Real time data trasfer between 2 DB Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2010 07:21:59 +0200

Greeting all,  

What would be the best method to transfer data between two databases (10g R2) in real time (near real time). Itís a transport system where GPS devices installed in City Buses inserts records (location, timings) into oracle DB then this data has to be transferred to other oracle DB for reporting with a max latency on 5 second.

Any input or experience on similar scenario will be highly appreciated.                                                      


Arvind Kumar                                                  

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