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Metalink has some good articles. In my practice I've encountered the following issues:
  • "hw contention" event which is for example fixed in but the fix is not enabled by default. You have to set an event. Metalink has few articles how to detect if you are suffering and how to fix it.
  • if lob is "small" (for example, average is 8K ) then enabling LOB caching improves performance. Note, that LOB's are supposed to be LARGE OBJECTS meaning caching is disabled by default else it would blow out the cache. But more often than not LOB size is something just above what ordinary varchar2 column would hold.

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Yes, I have. I’m looking for something more definitive, less theory and more application.


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Have you read online doc: Oracle® Database SecureFiles and Large Objects Developer's Guide


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I haven't dealt with lob performance much. Can someone point to a good site or whitepaper how to measure lob size, test and improve (b)lob performance. I'm checking google and mos and haven't found a comprehensive article.



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