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RMOUG has consistently been solid on the presentations and I was really impressed this year with the number of quality presenters this last year, (am I allowed to say that if I was one of the presenters? :))  I think of it as a kind of "class reunion", too, as I get to see a lot of previous co-workers that I would not get to any other way.  It's great to catch up and talk to other DBA's and developers, many of who are friends, where as when I start talking about geeky database schtuff with my friends who aren't techies, their eyes just glaze over after about 2 minutes... :) I want to go to MOTS, but it's just not going to happen this year...  Great list of presenters and presentations-  I'm so jealous of everyone that gets to go!

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I've gone to Oracle Open World on average ever other year for the last 20. For me it's felt harder and harder to locate good presentations not to mention negotiate the crowds and connect with interesting people. To connect with interesting people at OOW, I'd  track down Mogens Nørgaard and where ever he was, usually Chevy's,  I found a good crowd. He's attracted such a crowd that last year he set up "Oracle Closed World" at Thirsty Bear restaurant, less than a block from the conference. At this years OOW, Oracle Closed World will again be at the Thirsty Bear, and I'm happy to be helping to buy extra beer and t-shirts via Embarcadero's co-sponsorship! Look forward to interesting technical presentations and much merriment. 

 Unlike OOW,  conferences like HOTSOS have so many good presentations that I'm often conflicted as to which track to see. Similarly MOTS,, looks to me just as good at HOTSOS. I'm excited to be going to MOTS as well as presenting on Visual SQL Tuning (last minute decision so I'm not on the website).
MOTS at $750 is also less than half the price as OOW which  looked to be over $2000 when I looked at the web site a few days ago. (PS if you are a current customer of Embarcadero and want to go to MOTS but haven't registered yet for MOTS, email me and I can swing a discount for you)

I've also enjoyed RMOUG and plan on going this year.  Never been to UKOUG but sounds like another good one. I've heard great feedback on UKOUG.

Kyle Hailey

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Look for events with regional OUGs. Rocky Mountain OUG has a great event in February, UTah OUG has a 

RMOUG is a fantastic event.  I just haven't been able to go myself the past 3 years.

Highly recommended.

Jared Still
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