Re: cman ignores some rules

From: Remigiusz Sokolowski <>
Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2010 11:27:56 +0200
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Remigiusz Sokolowski pisze:
> Hi,
> we have got a strange (at least for me) problem with cman. It is 11gR2
> version on Linux.
> It worked properly for some time, but around 2 weeks ago there emerge
> some problems - in general we are unable to add new rules - all
> previously introduced settings work just fine, only new ones are
> ignored. When a colleague of mine removed his rules, reloaded and added
> them again - they were ignored also. But when removing mine rule, it is
> seen further.
> The configuration reload seems to be ok, so I assume the configuration
> syntax is ok, the file is around 45k in size. We have another similar
> configuration and it works fine, actually same parameters, the only
> difference - it is smaller and 4 times less rules.
> A restart didn't help (we did not clean /var/tmp/.oracle however). A
> trace collected with strace during reload seems to be ok - the
> configuration is read properly.
> I looked for limits for cman.ora or cman in general, but did not found
> some. We registered this on metalink some time ago, but no answers yet.
> It may be connected with some problems in internal communication between
> cman processes may be. Of course connections are rejected with error
> ORA-12529 rejected based on filtering rules, but this is something we
> rather expect
> Any clues or similar experiences?
> Regards
> Remigiusz

already resolved, thanks for attaention. as always the most mysterious issues are really trivial ones. This time an error in configuration file.
It seems that CMAN reload command always seems to be performed without errors - which is very annoying. In case of problems with rules one should check if a number of rules and their list from runtime is equal to those in config file - if not it may indicate that reload hits some wrong syntax in the config file and parses it only partially, which provides (as in our case) random results.

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