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I'd pile on with Jared and Matt here. Particularly if, in addition to being a very senior position, it's a lead position with "the buck stops here" responsibility for technical issues related to the database.

I'm in Michigan, we know unemployment....and even here, there are jobs to be had. I recently heard of a large corporation (GE) opening a large new datacenter, with 8 openings for fairly senior level DBAs. Salaries should be north of 6 figures, for the right candidate w/ the right experience.

And, I also agree w/ Matt's assessment of there being lots of people in the unemployment pool that have junior to mid-level experience, and, while the jobs are there, the salaries for these folks are pretty depressed.

Seems to me, there's a big gap. Either you're junior level, and your salary prospects top out around $80k, or you're senior level, and you're in the $100k+ salary range.

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I'm with Jared on this one - for western new york, you're going to take a discount - I'd say that gig could be a 150k gig in NYC, so 125k or maybe a little less in western new york.

For the folks who are talking about the pool of applicants - as we've been in the midst of hiring a variety of positions for a while, I can tell you - the pool of junior people is very very large. These are folks who spent <4 years working in their various fields and then were unfortunately let go. There are a lot of those people around, and the salaries have dropped accordingly.

At the senior end, though, while there are more people running around then there were, oh, 2 years ago, it seems like a lot of people kept their really top-notch senior people. A lot of the more senior people we are seeing are senior in terms of years of experience, but not necessarily in expertise, if the distinction makes sense.


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On Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 6:49 AM, Zelli, Brian <<>> wrote: Hello listers........a fortune 100 company recently interviewed me. Below is a job description. They asked what my salary requirements were. I need some help here. What do you think this job is worth? I have my own idea but I just don't want to sell myself short.

Fortune 100, big systems, big responsibilities, deep knowledge, deep experience:

$125+ IMO. Jared Still
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