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~125K in NYC, at least. I have no idea what that should be in Western NY dollars. ;O  

That 'mentoring' pushes the salary up. Plus there are a few other things in there. How often will you be doing off-site DR duties that require travel?  

I would also add another 25K just for having to having that god-awful SQL Server crap in your head, contaminating your thinking and taking up space that could be used for more useful things. Like the batting averages of the NY Yankees in 1933.

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Hello listers........a fortune 100 company recently interviewed me. Below is a job description. They asked what my salary requirements were. I need some help here. What do you think this job is worth? I have my own idea but I just don't want to sell myself short.  

Preferred Qualifications:
* SQL Server 2005,2008 strongly desired    

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