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From: Noor Mulla <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2010 12:04:15 +0530
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I have this below sql.....

SELECT 'ALTER '||segment_type||' '||segment_owner||'.'||rpad(segment_name,35)||' SHRINK SPACE;' from
select * from table(dbms_space.asa<http://dbms_space.asa>_recommendations()) WHERE (100*reclaimable_space/allocated_space > 10) AND segment_owner like 'D%' and segment_type in ('TABLE','INDEX')
order by reclaimable_space/allocated_space desc )
where rownum<=10;

The above query is executing fine.

Only hitch is that an Index-Organized Table which has segment_type='INDEX' does not use ALTER INDEX, but uses ALTER TABLE instead, then what to do if segment is an IOT. Can we join dba_indexes or dba_tables and use a DECODE statement in outer shown below. Can we incorporate this in the above sql and check iot_type and execute.

SELECT 'ALTER'||decode(iot_type,null, segment_name,'TABLE') ||...........

Help would be appreciated...


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