RE: anyone having trouble contacting oracle support?

From: Pankaj Jain <>
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2010 18:16:03 -0400
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I totally agree with Kellyn, opening a tar is 99% useless, and we end up solving the issue by ourselves. In 1% cases when it is sev 1, and Management is involved, we use SR only to buy some time. Anyway all Oracle features apart, we have to find a workaround.  

It has proved successful to me hope it does same for you.  

  1. Pick up the phone and open the SR via phone.
  2. Request for duty manager, to contact you immediately on phone or on email.
  3. Request the duty manager to assign the subject matter expert directly, without going through the Mandatory QA with some help desk person who is absolutely ignorant about real Oracle features.
  4. Keep your .trc file, .log file, and rda report ready and upload(ftp) directly to Oracle server from your Unix server, not from your PC/laptop/client. (ftp link will be provided by the Oracle support person)
  5. Doing this way you won't even have to login to metalink and use it's Service request system.

Hope this helps and you get some relief fast.  

In the mean time if you want to share your problem just shoot an email and any one of us who might have faced that situation will come to your rescue.  



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I avoid opening SR's unless it's absolutely my last option, but I've had this similar experience this week with a severity 2 ticket- took over a day to complete the SR with failures on uploads of logs and trace files that I knew they would need and then had to escalate via phonecalls to duty managers four different times after a ticket would sit at a standstill for over 24 hours, (this was for my ghost sid issue I had this last week, btw is a bug that went back to development for parallel inconsistent close upon degradation...)  

I really cringe when my manager says, "We're paying for support, submit an SR!"
OK, but only if I get a secretary to manage the mess... :)

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	I have had a tier 1 (production down) ticket open with oracle
for 1.5 hours and it has not been assigned. It took me a good 30 minutes to open it because I kept getting site errors. Then I spent about an hour on hold when I called in and they said they are having server issues.          

        I was on hold for about an hour when I called in. So I take it alot of people are having problems?                    

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