RE: Webinar June 3 - Mike Stonebraker on SQL "Urban Myths"

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Poor Jared had no way to know. I'm still watching in horror at the destroyed image of someone who I previously considered a scientist.  

About to listen to questions. I'd regret asking one.  

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    I am rarely critical of you and things that you bring to the list, but in this case I must make an exception. What a flat out, biased, pushy sales pitch this was. I left after about half a dozen slides & most of the information was valid only is you took his lean on it. To boot some of the information was down right false. And I was looking forward to a good discussion on the real meat of the webminar, bother!!!    

Sorry about that, it wasn't what I expected either, and had no

way of knowing ahead of time.  

The numbers presented for RDBMS overhead seem hugely overstated to me.

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