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From: Ram Raman <veeeraman_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 20 May 2010 19:05:20 -0500
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We have this scenario with 10.2 DBs. We have Dev and test running on the same server, using ASM.

This is our refresh path: prod -> Test -> Dev

We took a backup of Prod and restored to Test. They did some modifications to test DB and we backed test db on May 17. Since then, Test has been refreshed using May 19th prod backup and its DBID got reset in the process.

Now we want to recreate dev using test backup taken on May 17. Normally I connect to the test as target DB and do cloning.

But now, when I try to catalog the May17 backup with RMAN in the refreshed Test (so I can do the clone), I get the following error:

RMAN-07518: Reason: Foreign database file DBID:...

Given this error, if I want to use May17 test backup to create dev database, what are my options. Test and dev run on the same server.

I am thinking of one way, not tested way, but an idea: Shutdown exisiting Test, do the restore to the Dev's location using 'set newname' option, rename and create Dev. Does this approach look OK, given we are using ASM.

Even if this approach works, they do not want downtime with test DB. Is there a way by which we can do this without test DB being down?


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