Re: a quick poll regarding the 11gR2 OFA

From: Cary Millsap <>
Date: Tue, 11 May 2010 23:36:13 -0500
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Paul's right; that was *exactly* the point. People were naming mount points to connote the contents of those mount point; for example, they'd have /wp1 and /wp2 for their Word Perfect files (yep, it was a long time ago), and /oracle1 and /oracle2 for their Oracle files. They'd invite me in because of a performance problem, and—guess what—they'd have already placed some Oracle files on /wp1 because they needed a more uniform distribution of I/O load across all their drives. Of course, their backup scripts were looking only in /oracle* directories. I saw some twisted wrecks in those days...

The point of the specifically *non*-connotative mount point names was to own up to the inevitability of people needing to put files of all types on all their mount points. So my advice was to make the mount point name non-connotative of content, and then make the direct descendant of the mount point connotative of content. So, then /u01/oracle, /u02/oracle, and so on, and /u01/wp, /u02/wp, and so on. This naming convention provided the benefit of allowing DBAs and sysadmins to use the shell's globbing mechanism to refer to all their content-specific directories with a single expression, like /*/oracle or /*/wp.

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> >>What I am saying here is /u01../u99 ...does not tell what the
> mountpoint is for.
> That was the point (no pun intended).
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> please bear in mind I am not criticizing OFA in any way! I think the basic
> principle still stands.
> I also think the principle works, and continues to be an important thing
> for server/database architecture.
> What I am saying here is /u01../u99 is easily misunderstood by non-DBA's,
> and even for DBA's it does not tell what the mountpoint is for.
> If someone is using it, and it works: fine!
> But if you want a logically and descriptive setup, the '/oracle' directory,
> is descriptive (mind I say 'directory'), and having mountpoints for the
> software and for the slices which hold pieces of the database in mountpoints
> beneath that is descriptive in my opinion.
> frits
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