RE: a quick poll regarding the 11gR2 OFA

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Date: Tue, 11 May 2010 11:55:50 -0400
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All y'all realize that "u01" is just an example token of a formal template string, right?

That said, the major change in 11gR# is the diagnostics area.

Deciding whether to mix software with data is a good thing to think about. Deciding whether to mix software and various types of logs with other data is a good thing to think about.

Having a site /ora/README (er, /oracle/README, if you like typing the extra 3 characters and having them in your cut and pastes throughout your structure) is useful for documenting the site practice. Having a minimum number of generations of template configurations per site is a good idea. I wrote "minimum" rather than single, because I think moving old structures around is an error prone and low value activity (as long as you have a map). README might be a directory, perhaps one per sid or something else that makes sense. Even if you exactly quote the documentation's examples of template tokens, having the map adds value and a place to make notes and record "oopses" until they are resolved.

Having redundant name tokens in the tree is a questionable idea. (If I recall Cary's phrase correctly, calling your red headed son Eric the Red doesn't add clarity to the nomenclature.

So if ora already appears to the left in a name string, "data", rather than "oradata" seems marginally preferrable. (And shorter, too.)


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11GR2 didn't change that, /u01 was there for a long time:


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