Platform Migration with Oracle Streams

From: Oracle Dba Wannabe <>
Date: Sun, 2 May 2010 01:49:09 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi All,
I was wondering whether anyone out there has been involved in a platform migration project where streams was the technology used to ensure minimal down time. If so I'd appreciate to hear back from you with respect to any issues or experiences you had with the product. The database I am looking to migrate is about 6TB and is a, 2 node RAC database using ASM. The platform migration is from AIX to HP-UX, both being big endian I was planning on using the rman covert database command (as documented in appendix c of the streams admin and concepts guide) to instantiate the target database. A question I had with respect to this was whether I could utilize the source database's (AIX) physical standby to perform the convert database process? I mention this because having to run the transportable database process (rman convert) on the source still requires some down time as the database would be put in read only mode during this process - even though all I  require is the convert to run on undo and system - I still need to pull the datafiles out of asm and copy them over to the target hp-ux site and plug them back into asm. That said, I dont see why i cannot substitute the physical standby database for the rman convert part of the streams instantiation - it is essentially a replica of the source.? Appreciate any comments.

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