Re: Semi-OT: "Clear your cookies/cache" is the new "reboot"

From: kathryn axelrod <>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 12:16:31 -0700
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We have a thread going in the MOS Communities titled 'enough is enough, when is Metalink coming back?' It is poking Oracle to either bring back Metalink r/o, or provide us with a list of all bugs with regular status updates and SET fix by dates so we can know when we will be able to do our jobs productively again without having to waste time on this beast. So far the answer is that they'll talk about ML and there is no way they will give a full list of known bugs.

Though it likely is a Giant effort in futility, it would be great to have more people posting on the thread - if nothing else, the more people paying attention to it, the more pressure Oracle may feel. You could just post a vent like the one here, respond to an existing post...add your own questions for Oracle...throw in a +1 (or -1)...whatever.

To get to the thread ->

-clear all cookies/cache :)
-login to MOS
-click the communities tab (in flash, you then have to click another
communities tab in the middle of the page..) -enter the thread title in the communities' search box and it should point you to the proper thread.
BEWARE - If you post a comment, it times out after about 2-3 minutes, so COPY what you wrote lest you get caught in the 'posting reply' spin and lose everything you just typed.

On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 7:32 AM, Rich Jesse <
> wrote:

> <vent>
> If Oracle Support tells me one more time to clear my browsers cookies and
> cache in order to provide an explanation as to why their cr_at_ppy support
> websites don't work, I'm gonna scream.
> Perhaps they're not aware that their own website requires these cookies to
> maintain a session and clearing them will not help...
> I still don't know how MOS/MOSHTML could have passed *ANY* sort of QA! The
> bugs are major and relatively easy to encounter.
> </vent>
> Rich
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