Re: Differential incremental backups - Do you really use them?

From: Pani Babu <>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 08:13:15 -0400
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Hi Robert:

Thanks for your insight. From your and other members' posts, looks like exceptionally large databases or backup and other infrastructure restrictions may leave one with no other choice than to use incremental backups. So for I have been lucky (or may be unlucky) enough not to work with very exceptional large databases. The largest database we have are only a few Terra Bytes. Because of our current backup infrastructure (split-mirror backups, almost unlimited number of tape drives due to VTLs,....) we have not seen constraints on our backup windows. So doing a daily full backup has not been an issue for us. I do understand this may not be the case with everyone. Thanks for everyone's inputs.


Imagine a very large database (say > 1PB).... imagine that the data in it
> changes (so no read-only tablespaces) and imagine you have to back it up.
> Still want to do full backups?
> Imagine an environment where your daily backup takes 32 hours. Still want
> to do full backups every day....?
> If you have a small database, then I can see why you might find incremental
> backups a bit excessive. If you have a larger environment, you might well
> find them a requirement.
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> The incremental backup topic raises an interesting question for me. I am
> yet to appreciate
> the usefulness of incremental backups. I always use a periodic(daily or
> weekly) fullback and rely
> on archived logs for any restores. If you use incremental backups, do you
> use them just for large
> databases? I am curious to see how prevalent is the incremental in
> everyone's backup strategy.
> Pani

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