Re: Differential incremental backups

From: vit\.spinka <>
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 19:38:44 +0100
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> That is the question Joel. I was always under the impression the earliest we could go back is to the point of base backup, aka level 0 backup. The previous backups (March 12, Friday as in your example) before the latest base backup (Mar14, Sunday) and archivelogs would get deleted by RMAN when we take the Mar 14, Sunday base backup, I assume. So I will not be able to use them to roll back to Mar 12 if I do restore on Mar 15.    > This means this solution will not suit our requirement of wanting to go back to any point in time in the past 7 calendar days. If you configure RETENTION WINDOW OF 7 DAYS, RMAN will make sure (=will not mark backups as obsolete) that you can go at least 7 days back. So, if you take base backups weekly on Sundays, them Mar14 Sunday backup will make obsolete backup made on Feb28 Sunday and all increments and archive logs till Mar6 Saturday. It will keep the previous base backup from Mar 7. And it will continue to keep it till next base backup, because otherwise you would not be able to go those 7 required days back.
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