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Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 09:44:32 -0700 (PDT)
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There are full backups and incremental backups. Full backups are of the entire database.

Incremental backups have a full backup (level 0) and subsequent incremental backups (level 1). In earlier versions of RMAN multi-level incremental backups (level 1 through 5 if memory serves) were supported. Anything beyond a level 1 is deprecated starting in 10g. You can still use them, but they are no longer supported.

There are two kinds of incremental backups (really three in 11g). They are:

Incrementally updated backups (11g).

Differential incremental backups are backups of changes since the last incremental (level 1 backup), cumulative will backup all changed blocks since the level 0. Thus, with a cumulative you only need one incremental backup image, but it get's larger and takes longer over time.

Incrementally updated backups are a new 11g feature that allow you to merge the level 1 backup into the level 0 base backup. Thus, at any time you only need 1 base and 1 incremental backup at any time. It differs from the incremental backups in that the base backup is updated, so the level 1 backup will not be as large or take as long as it otherwise would.

All this covered in my RMAN book....


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At this point what I think you would find beneficial is to stop speculating and start testing. :)

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>Thanks. I wonder how it can restore to previous Friday if a base backup gets taken Sunday night. I thought it would restore base backup first and then apply incremental on the top of that base backup. I thought the backups taken before base backup were useless and cannot be used to restore to a point in time in last week, even if recovery window of 7 days is specified. ie, in this example, wanting to go back to last Friday on a given Monday, with a base backup on Sunday.

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