RE: How rman delete obsolete NOT delete archivelogs.

From: Juan Miranda <>
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 16:34:51 +0100
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We have standby databases and we donīt want to re-configure standbys if the WAN is going down during 2 days and the archivelogs was deleted.

So we need to have more archivelogs on production server but canīt have 5 days of backups on disk because space constraints.  

We have 9i and there is not configure archivelog deletion policy to applied on standby;

We do backup everyday. First to disk and then copy it to tape.  


We have older backups on tape so we can use and old backup and apply archivelogs to made point in time recovery.  


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you can't do it automatically. Oracle considers RETENTION WINDOW and REDUNDANCY as mutually exclusive policies. You could handle it through tags, but I don't think that would be easy. Do you have a tape backup infrastructure? why do you need both five days and 2 backups? it doesn't make sense to me. How often do you run backup? Alan.-

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Not sure if I understand correctly but cant you change the retention policy just before the deleting and changed it back afterwards?

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I need to have 2 backups and 5 days of archivelogs on disk.  

RMAN “delete noprompt force obsolete” delete backups and archivelogs.  

Retention policy to redundancy 2;  

I canīt use

DELETE BACKUP COMPLETED BEFORE 'SYSDATE-3' DEVICE TYPE DISK; DELETE ARCHIVELOG UNTIL TIME 'SYSDATE-7'; because itīs time based and I need to have always 2 backup copies on disk.  

Any way to do it?  


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