Re: exadata? is anyone using it?

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Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 08:19:23 -0700 (PDT)
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We are.  We have a 2 full and one half rac. Rac with Dataguard we have 2 V1 HP versions one test V2 on Solaris

Solaris has had less hardware issues than the HP version.

Make sure your data center can handle the heat.  The equipment puts out alot of heat and you need to make sure you can handle it. 

We had issues where the air wasn't circulating around the top of the server and it was over heating.

If you have more than one server, make sure they are spaced apart due to heat and we had an issue were a part had to be replaced and it was diffiicult because the other box was so close to it.

Queries run lightening fast and do get offloaded to the storage.. Really cool

But with any new technology.. some of the queries will run slower because the way the statistics, parameters have changed and therefore execution paths might be changed for the better or worse.

There is alot to learn hardware, network, cell storage, it is very overwhelming but doable.

Yes and of course the bugs/issues but now at the storage, network, cell and database layers you are going to be dealing with them. 

It is a very exciting piece of technology but very complex as well.

For us it made sense since we are using it for our datawarehouse and it allowed us to move our clients form a variety of databases all over the place into one central location and now they all are RAC and have Dataguard.  We run our backups off our standby databases.

Queries that ran hours, now take minutes and we have lots of cpu and power for growth should we add new customers and as our customers continue to grow.

But every rose has it's thorns - there are bugs for sure but that is any technology. Like I said before as the dba ... you get them now at every level.

Be prepared for it by testing, testing and more testing and training and trying out before you go live.

If anyone else is using it ... please let me know by emailing me off the list so we can share tips and tricks.

Happy St. Patty's Day ..... everyone is Irish today!


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Looking for your opinion, advice, good/bad/otherwise.

thanks, joe

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