Re: Reading/Interpreting 11g Statspack reports

From: Janine Sisk <>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 13:22:01 -0700
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Just a followup to this... it turns out that the old system (running 8i) has several times more RAM than my notes had indicated, and that's probably the main reason why it runs complex queries faster than the new one). I'm not going to waste any more time analyzing the situation until I get an Amazon instance set up which is closer in capacity to the old one.

Several of you mentioned stats collection, histograms and the like and you all have a very good point also; on 8i I use a very old caveman script that just analyzes each table every week, but on a new installation of 11g there is just the automatically scheduled stats collection which I believe does not run very often. So I will need to make sure that at least the basic stats gathering has been done before I start my timing tests.

Thank you all for your helpful responses, and even to those who have not responded by complaining about my very basic questions!


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