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From: Steiner, Randy <>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 12:04:15 -0400
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It is just a perl or shell script (I forget which) and does not need to be compiled. It runs fine on my servers. The only issue I have found is that I need to start it manually when I reboot my servers.  


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Subject: Os Watcher  

1-) Did anyone try oswatcher with their RAC installation? Any pros / conns? Reliable?    

2-) I guess the first question should have been: Did anyone managed to find Oswatcher on Oracle downloads?  

It says on :  

OSW is also included in the RACDDT script file, but is not installed by RACDDT. OSW must be installed on each node where data is to be collected.

To download binaries for OS Watcher and RACDDT, go to the following URL: <>

Download OSW by searching for OS Watcher, and downloading the binaries from the User Guide bulletin. Installation instructions for OSW are provided in the user guide. Download RACDDT by searching for RACDDT, and downloading the binaries from the RACDDT User Guide bulletin.

Which results in only guides.

Does it need to be complicated always with Oracle?


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