Re: 32 bit asm for 64 bit db

From: Karl Arao <>
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 15:42:16 +0800
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Just talked to mike Dietrich ( ) ... they were having this 11.2 upgrade seminar in Manila

I've posted a situation.. Two servers.. One 32 & 64bit..

The 32 bit server is running on 10204 and got asm with four asm disk arrays and plans to upgrade to 1120 64bit on another server with 10204 64bit also installed

So this will be a wordsiZe change and upgrade

According to mike, Regarding the array, yes it is possible to unpresent from 32bit sever then present the arrays to the 64bit sever... The 10204 64bit asm will be able to read the arrays because the ask disks metadata does not have dependencies on the wordsiZe.. Then run the utlip and complete the wordsiZe change.. then install the grid infrastructure..
Then upgrade the asm and proceed with the usual 11.2 upgrade process

If this is a terabyte database you save a lot of time instead of doing rman and transfering it on another sever (64bit)

-Karl Arao

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On Mar 11, 2010, at 6:58 PM, Niall Litchfield <  > wrote:

> Does anyone know if a 64 bit db will sit happily on an existing 32
> bit cluster? If so and I can't in principle see why not then it
> would make a nice migration path here

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