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Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 09:35:24 +1000
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You can observe this if you get ProcessExplorer, formerly from SysInternals, now available from Microsoft. ( This tool does not install anything, so you can run it safely on the server.

Each oracle instance shows up as a single process image in the process table, as opposed to *NIX where each oracle background process is a separate entity. On Windows the background processes, server processes, etc. are all threads within the Oracle.exe process image.


On 11/03/10 7:01 PM, Yechiel Adar wrote:
> Some basic windows 32 bit info:
> Windows allocate for each program up to 4 GB memory.
> Each 4 GB address space is divided: 2 GB belong to the program and 2 GB
> to windows.
> So each of your instances has 2 GB.
> The 2 GB include the oracle instance and the buffers, and all the memory
> used by the connections.
> Using the /3GB switch change the division to: 1 GB to windows, 3 GB to
> the program.
> Adar Yechiel
> Rechovot, Israel
> Blessing Kamutande wrote:

>> Thank you Niall,
>> When you say 800mb is used by user processes are you referring to
>> Oracle processes or generally the whole system?
>> Also that 2047M is it for this one instance or all instances on the
>> server?
>> For instance, say I have two instances, do the two instances share the
>> 2074M or each instance can grow it's memory usage to 2047M?
>> Thank you so much for the explanation.
>> Kind Regards
>> Blessing

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