RE: Anyone Else Feeling the 1st Quarter Love??

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Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2010 10:42:37 -0500
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Nope- not feeling it. Our business cycles are longer than 3 months- I am sure other departments in my company have that pressure but our work pressure is based on each project.  

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Subject: Anyone Else Feeling the 1st Quarter Love??  

Curious if anyone else is feeling serious pressure to put a lot of new systems/code/features into production by the end of first quarter?

This seems to be an expected feat due to the pressure we feel business wise by the 3rd quarter, (you know everything will be BEYOND stable by then, management states...:)) but I've experienced this at a couple places now- first quarter is the time for new features, upgrades, implementations, 2nd quarter is enhancements and third/fourth quarter will all lay low and pray for it all to pay off.  

I have been feeling a bit stretched thin zee last month, pulled towards more projects, code reviews and research on new features than I can keep track of...:) Anybody, anybody, Bueller?

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