RE: Backup for large number of archived logs per hour

From: Michael Dinh <mdinh_at_XIFIN.Com>
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 12:55:35 -0800
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Thanks Mark for the response.  

partitioning? Partition exchange? Nologging?  

NO to all the above questions =(  

We currently don't know what to partition, logging is required at the moment because of possible dataguard implementation.  

I believe Direct Load is executed only on initial load. ETL is developed by consultant using Business Object Data Integrator.  

Unfortunately, the consulting company does not have great Oracle knowledge =(

From: Bobak, Mark [] Sent: Thursday, March 04, 2010 12:38 PM
To: Michael Dinh; Subject: RE: Backup for large number of archived logs per hour

This is really a DW? And a 200GB DW is generating 20GB of archive logs per hour??  

The first thing I would question is the loading strategy you're using.....are you making use of partitioning? Partition exchange? Direct loads? Nologging?  

I'm wondering if there aren't vast improvements that could be made in terms of hugely reducing the volume of redo generation in the first place.  

Of course, I know nothing of your environment, or what constraints you're under, but, if it's a "typical" data warehouse, where you load chunks of data from a flat file, there ought to be huge optimizations that could be made in reducing redo log generation.  

Just my thoughts...worth exactly what you paid for them.... J  


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Subject: Backup for large number of archived logs per hour  

As an example, if we have a 200G DW generating 20G archived log per hour, then what would be a more efficient way for backup?  

It does not make sense to backup archived log when the entire DW is less that the amout of archived logs generated.  

We are currently not using RMAN, but BCV and snapshot are created at the array level.  

Thanks Michael.

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