Historic interest-which cluster software did you use in 9i RAC?

From: Martin Bach <development_at_the-playground.de>
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 17:51:42 +0000
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Dear listers,

my first contact with RAC was with Oracle It had all the bells and whistles for deployment out of the box already, especially since my platform of choice was Linux. There simply was no need to look for third party clusterware or clustered file systems that I possibly couldn't get my hands on anyway.

I participated in some serious load testing carried out in Montpellier, but purely from a database point of view-if memory serves me right then the infrastructure was p-Series AIX 5.3 with HACMP and GPFS... Not that I have seen it though :(

So here's my question-how did you deploy RAC (don't care about the platform) in the 9i days? Which software did you use to provide all the services we take for granted with Clusterware/Grid Infrastructure?

Or even more interestingly-who out there is still using additional cluster software for RAC? And which additional benefit do you get that your platform doesn't provide?

Thanks all in advance for sharing!


Martin Bach
OCM 10g

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