Symantec Backup exec usage

From: Storey, Robert \(DCSO\) <"Storey,>
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 09:46:34 -0600
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Is anyone out there using Symantecs Backup Exec software to do the RMAN backups/restores of your system? If so, I have some questions.  

I'm in discussion with Symantec about a restoration. They are telling me that when I initate the restore from the rman console, that "a Backup Exec job will be created". When I explain to them that I am not doing this through BUE, but sitting at a separate console and running RMAN outside of BUE, they are still telling me that a BEU DBA-Initated job will be run. They can't tell me as yet how that is done, since I initated nothing to BUE.  

In our current setup, BUE initates a level 0 backup to tape. The backup data is stored in the control file. This is the script it is running  

RUN { Allocate channel ch0

    Type 'SBT_TAPE';  

SEND "BSA_SERVIE_HOST= <my host ip>, nbbsa_total_streams=1, nbbsa_job_cookie={long hex sting],
nbbsa_db_device_name=oracle-win::\\<my server and database>  

BACKUP         Incremental level=0

       Format = 'BE_U'

       Database force plus archivelog force;


Release channel ch0;


So, what they are telling me is that when I initiate a restore/recover, that rman will somehow initiate a BUE job to access the required tape media.  

Can someone confirm this process?  



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