Re: Oracle RAC on Win vs. Oracle on Linux

From: Ozgur Ozdemircili <>
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 14:02:32 +0100
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Considering what we do with the Windows is ONLY babysitting, I`d go with Unix. Why pay licences anyways?It is a loose-loose situation.

Back to normal issue, we are running 2 node Pre-prod RAC and 3 node Prod RAC.We have it up for a year and no issues at all. And the load avarages were never more than 7 %.

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On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 1:39 PM, sathish balasubramaniam <>wrote:

> Hello Robert,
> Our IT is 100% windows shop and we are running our production JDE system
> on Oracle RAC. Its a 4 node RAC platform on windows 2003 server 64
> bit.
> 32 bit was pretty much a pain in the rear end. Constant memory issues.
> When i joined -- ( this was about 2 1/2 years back), we were on the 32
> bit with daily production shutdowns.
> Within 3 months we made the move to 64 bit.
> It works perfecftly ok. ( with 2 major issues in the last 2 years which
> caused us a month of constant problems and node evictions)
> One thing i would advocate is to have a fantastic system admin/storage
> admin who is not a crackhead.
> This was our problem here and still is.
> System admin here thinks he is the lord and the master and will not
> listen to anything you say.
> As long as the system is working fine, no issues but even a small
> problem results in finger pointing.
> On the flip side, we do have to do a reboot all the db servers every 2
> to 3 weeks.
> This is more out of caution and for some reason ( we are still trying to
> figure this out),the load balacing (we have server and client side setup)
> kind of goes into a dizzy leaving one server at the low end in terms of
> connections.
> This server has a CPU usage on the higer side ( LMS process are in the
> top 5 sessions for this server) resulting in less sessions being sent to it.
> This in turn causes queries to start using bad excution paths (my theory.
> The same query uses a nested loop on one of the nodes but the other one
> results in a sort merge join which goes on forever causing major gc buffer
> busy waits)
> Once we are in the scenerio, a complete reboot of the system is very much
> needed. Then things are back to normal.
> RAC on windows needs a bit of baby sitting and constant monitoring.
> Thanks,
> Sat
> On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 10:01 PM, Yong Huang <> wrote:
>> > Anyone want to jump in on their preferred platform for RAC?
>> > Personally I tend to lean towards Linux for stability purposes,
>> > but I'd like your thoughts on why you prefer either platform for
>> We prefer Linux simply because you can find more documents on the
>> Internet or MOS about RAC on Linux. So support (and self-support) is
>> easier.
>> > RAC. Specifically why would you avoid windows (other than the fact
>> > that it's evil), or would you?
>> Windows is not evil. But it's definitely a more difficult operating
>> system. It takes a more intelligent person more time to understand the
>> internals of it than Linux or any UNIX. And because it's more
>> complicated at the low level, writing complicated software such as
>> Oracle becomes more difficult, triggering address cannot be mapped or
>> Windows-specific access violation error more often than on *nix.
>> Yong Huang
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