RMAN: Partial Backup: Metadata Only in Some Tablespaces and Full Data in Another

From: Langston, Chris <Chris.Langston_at_aa.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 13:40:36 -0600
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Hello Oracle-l,

I need some help with configuring RMAN for Oracle 10gR2. I've been asked to submit a request to have our outsourced DBA's configure our backup to exclude the data in certain tablespaces while doing full data backups in another tablespace.

The setup.

  • Oracle 10gR2 instance on HP-UX.
  • Multiple tablespaces support two different application. Let's call them:

o Tablespace1

o Tablespace2

o Tablespace3

o Tablespace4

o Tablespace5

  • The combined data in tablespace 1 - 4 takes about 300 GB.
  • Tablespace5 consumes about 5 GB.
  • Application user one (let's call it app1) uses the first 4 tablespaces - tablespace1 - tablespace4.
  • Application user two (let's call it app2) only uses tablespace5.
  • RMAN is currently backing up the entire database.
  • The data for app1 can be reloaded from external files if necessary.

o Think of app1 as a data mining application that only views data but doesn't update it so reloading from external flat files will not cause data loss.

  • The data for app2 is used to store the application's GUI persistent data.

The requirement.

  • Exclude the data from app1: tablespace1 - 4.
  • Ability to restore the table objects from tablespace1 - 4.

o This is something along the lines of using the "CONTENT=METADATA_ONLY" using Datapump.

  • Full backup of tablespace5.

The need.

  • Ability to restore the database from RMAN to a point where app1 can reload the data from external data files - likely using SQL*Loader.
  • Full restore of data for app2.
  • Applicable configuration settings.

I've been going thru the RMAN documentation and souring the Net. I've run across the exclude tablespace option but I'm unclear of its behavior and if it will serve our needs. Is there a configuration that works similar to the "CONTENT=METADATA_ONLY" in Datapump? I'm also under pressure to have this done within a month because of the cost associated with the backing up data that is readily available to reload in the event of a recovery.

I will be very appreciative if I could be pointed in the right direction; even if it's a web site or some RMAN documentation that explains if it's possible, and if so, how.

Chris Langston

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