RE: Documentation for reasons to NOT use RAC?

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True, but in my case I deal with multi-terabyte databases that can take 8-16 hours to backup via RMAN with a single stream to disk. Moving to 4 or 8, or even 32 streams can cut this time dramatically- in this case down to 90 minutes. This was very true on a Sun T5220 that had a small user base (data warehouse) but a large database, using RMAN to disk.

Like anything, "it depends" is the correct answer here :) Interesting enough I have never used the disk staging facility of Netbackup, but I hear good things about it.

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Just something else to consider on that topic - a single stream can move data pretty quickly if you are using async IO, and backing up to disk instead of tape, either via regular disk backup, e.g. to your flash recovery area, or through sbt_tape to a disk staging unit used by your Media Management software (e.g. Netbackup) before it actually writes to tape.

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If you must have RAC, then also consider Oracle RAC Standard Edition (as opposed to Enterprise).
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Just make sure you can live without the certain features it omits- for large databases just the fact that RMAN is limited to a single stream can be a deal-breaker.

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