Re: Documentation for reasons to NOT use RAC?

From: Daniel Fink <>
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 06:59:58 -0700
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Oracle is really pushing RAC (even single node RAC) for 11gR2....then again they have been pushing it since 9i. I should rephrase this...Oracle Sales has been pushing RAC. I am a bit appalled that Sales/Marketing push this with Management/Executive without really looking at the Customer Needs or Technical situation for the client. I think the question that should be asked in every sales meeting at your site is "What specific business functions and applications in use at our business/site can benefit from RAC and exactly how will the end user and business experience be enhanced?" If they don't know your business or system, how can they possibly recommend anything?

RAC increases the complexity. When you increase the complexity of a system, you increase the chance of 'normal' accidents.

The reality seems to be that Oracle Sales pushes RAC, Management buys it, HR then starts adding it to the list of requirements, so job seekers/contracters need it on the resume.

RAC is the Four wheel drive SUV (think Hummer) of database systems... Sales push them because of the profit margins, people buy them because of ego. Almost no one uses them as they were designed and they can get you into more trouble in a shorter amount of time when used improperly.

Daniel Fink

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Lost Data? wrote:

> I'm being pulled into a meeting later this morning to answer why we
> shouldn't put every db in RAC? Any white papers etc, stating why its
> a bad idea?
> thanks, joe
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