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Does AWR capture all statements?

If you don't change the TOPNSQL setting, then by default the value is 30, which I interpret to mean the top 30 statements per SQL order category in the AWR report. Does that mean AWR would capture the top 30 statements ordered descending for the following categories?: elapsed time, cpu time, gets, reads, parse calls, executions, version count, sharable memory, and cluster wait time. Would any statement that doesn't fall within those cateogries not be captured?

Just curious, as I've always been under the assumption that not all statements are captured. I tried to test this out but still found a few statements that didn't fit within the top 30 per the above categories (for snapshots with the largest amount of SQL statements captured). Maybe I've got the wrong columns from DBA_HIST_SQLSTAT that I'm using.

Anyone know more details about this?

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You can find this information in the awr tables. The execution times and such will be averages for the executions between the 2 snapshots.

set linesize 120
set pages 999
column avg_elapsed_sec format 99999D99
column disk_reads format 999999999
column buffer_gets format 999999999

select to_char(snap.begin_interval_time, 'DD/MM/YYYY HH24:MI:SS') btime,

       to_char(snap.end_interval_time, 'DD/MM/YYYY HH24:MI:SS') etime, snap.snap_id, 
       snap.instance_number, sqlstat.executions_delta nbr_executions, 
       (sqlstat.elapsed_time_delta / sqlstat.executions_delta/1000000) avg_elapsed_sec,
       (sqlstat.disk_reads_delta / sqlstat.executions_delta) disk_reads, 
       (sqlstat.buffer_gets_delta / sqlstat.executions_delta) buffer_gets
from dba_hist_snapshot snap, dba_hist_sqlstat sqlstat where snap.snap_id = sqlstat.snap_id(+)
      and snap.instance_number = sqlstat.instance_number(+)
      and sql_id = '&sql_id'

order by snap.snap_id, snap.instance_number;

Note that you are only allowed to access the awr tables when you have licensed the diagnostic pack. Which is not available for Standard Edition, although the tables are there and awr snapshots are enabled by default (and no, I don't know what the guys at Oracle where smoking when they came up with this rule).


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Subject: Find out how often SQL is run


I need to find out how often a particular query (identified by SQL id) is run. If possible also how long executions take and if the execution plan varies. Database version is Standard Edition on Windows.

Do I have to schedule a job to query v$sqlarea regularly? Or is there something better (Statspack?)

Thanks for your help.

Ingrid Voigt


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