Re: redo curiosity

From: Maureen English <>
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 09:40:17 -0900
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Nope, no forced logging.

I vaguely remember making some init parameter change a while back for our 10g databases because we kept getting checkpoint not complete (or something like that) error in the alert logs.

If it's because more info is being sent to the redo logs, then it's a *whole lot* more! But we've found that the overhead for 10g is a lot more than it was for 8i, so I guess it shouldn't surprise me.

  • Maureen wrote:
> does one database happen to have forced logging?
> The other thing is (i'm making an educated guess here) is that more info
> is being sent to redo logs in newer versions, especially for things like
> log miner.
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