RE: Oracle Client not passing Windows Domain portion of connect info ?

From: Peter Nedeljkovich <>
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 12:34:47 -0500
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Your culprit could be in sqlnet.ora. Look for a string called NAMES.DEFAULT_DOMAIN Also, with all the testing that you've done, is it possible that your account status is locked?

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Subject: Re: Oracle Client not passing Windows Domain portion of connect info ?

I had some major problems with my Oracle servers under AD, but that was primarily due to a very poorly designed Active Directory. During the install, Oracle would automatically grab the AD domain and append that to the SID, and in our case, AD was the only thing that knew about the AD domin name, so the normal IP/DNS things would never resolve the SID.doamin to the actual machine. Removing the servers from AD before the install solved my problems (and I haven't re-added them to AD since).

My own PC's (and those of my users) though don't seem to having any problems connecting to the servers, so it doesn't appear that the clients add any AD credentials to the connect string.



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