Re: 10204 RAC upgrade

From: Sanjay Mishra <>
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 09:32:54 -0800 (PST)
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I don;t think that there is constraint for running the on First and Last node is there in the upgrade from 10203 to 10204. Yes it is constraint with where it creates the nodeapps setup on last node by executing vipca.

10203-10204 upgrade will finish with messgae to execute on all nodes after stopping the cluster. As Rolling upgrade is allowed for CRS and so I don;t think that running them parallel is the issue but as I am sure such was surely be thought by experts in this forum who are running several nodes cluster. I agree with your point to build the cluster with 10204 and do the switch but is budget constraint.


From: Martin Bach <>
Sent: Sun, February 14, 2010 5:10:07 PM
Subject: Re: 10204 RAC upgrade

Hi Sanjay,

The CRS upgrade is rolling so it shouldn't be too much of an issue. If I
remember correctly 11.2 CRS is the first upgrade where the
script can be run in parallel (excluding the first and last node, i.e.
you start with node 1, then do 2 ... n-1 in parallel and then finally
the n-th)

If time is so much of an issue, why can't you get swing kit? You could
build the cluster with CRS and RDBMS plus a temporary
home for a standby database, switch over and migrate. I've done this in
1 hour from switching over to the new kit and execution of the catalog
upgrade script + CPU application. Might be a budget constraint though :)

Hope this helps,

Martin Bach
OCM 10g

On 14/02/10 21:07, Sanjay Mishra wrote:
> Hi
> I had to upgrade one of the 8 Node RAC environment and it is running 5
> Sanjay

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