Re: 10204 RAC upgrade

From: Harel Safra <>
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 07:40:13 +0200
Message-ID: <>

About 2, Since the installation and copy of the CRS is done with the CRS up an all the nodes, I believe you can do that before the down time window and then run in the window.

Harel Safra

On 14/02/2010 23:07, Sanjay Mishra wrote:
> Hi
> I had to upgrade one of the 8 Node RAC environment and it is running 5
> Database with ASM and RDBMS with it own Home in on AIX. We
> have only 2-3 hrs window and so want to have expert opinion on the
> following
> 1. If I will upgrade CRS and it suggest at the end of successfull
> install to run *_root102.sh_ on all NODES* Can I run on all node
> in parallel. It takes 10-15 minutes and so want to save some
> time. Not clear if it affect each other as anyway CRS is down at
> that time on that node
> 2. Can I run the CRS upgrade indiviual on all node at the same time
> from few new putty session instead of initiating from one window
> and selecting all nodes. The reason is that it will take 15
> Minutes to upgrade on Node 1 and then 15 minutes to copy to
> other nodes. If there are 7 more nodes, then it will take
> 15*7=100+ min. to copy to other nodes. So I f will run
> seperately from each nodes, it will be total of 15-20 minutes
> for Software and then 15 minutes for
> 3. If CRS is upgraded and is down, Can I start the ASM and RDBMS
> upgrade at the same time or it will conflict due to
> /tmp/installer Lock files or any other issue can come.
> Sanjay

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