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From: Nuno Souto <>
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 22:22:39 +1100
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goran bogdanovic wrote,on my timestamp of 11/02/2010 9:05 AM:

> It still a puzzle for me that a company like SAP don't see as a
> necessary to improve things which obviously have flaws ...

SAP like so many other companies originated from IBM mainframe environments, hasn't done anything original in 20 years. Their base code was written for COBOL in IBM mainframes and their VSAM multi-indexed sequential file type, 30 years ago. Around 20 years ago, they ironed out the last bugs. Then over the last 20 years they slapped a "portable three-tier" patina on top of it, written again mostly in Cobol.

It is widely known that any site investing in SAP has to be ready to accept doing business the way it is defined in the SAP application, as any customisation of the released code is strictly verbotten: the folks who wrote the base code left or died a long time ago and no one has a clue how to change it. That means: no changes other than cosmetic, mr customer!

Be prepared to watch the most outrageous consultancy fees from the "experts" who come in to "visualize" and "implement" the installation. Which consists mainly in entering configuration parameters in a few screens. These are the same kind of morons who claim Oracle DBAs are expensive, while charging 10 times what a decent dba does!

Biggest rip-off in the history of IT. But rest assured they'll grease enough pockets to ensure no manager ever blows the whistle. Been dealing with them for decades now, know their modus operandi only too well: closest thing to a mafia I've ever seen...

Nuno Souto
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