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From: Jared Still <>
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 10:00:09 -0800
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> SAP mandates a number of initialisation parameters (that vary by Oracle and
> SAP release) including undocumented ones, and sometimes also including ones
> that make no difference at all (FILESYSTEMIO_OPTIONS is mandated on Windows
> for example). The recommendations that you have below are almost certainly
> sourced directly from a note from the SAP support knowledge base.

You will find that the SAP support folks are very much on top of Oracle bugs If there are SAP recommendations for parameter settings, it is usually a good
idea to set them unless you have proof otherwise.

> Clearly there are security implications here so it might be worth doing a
> SAP knowledge base search around SOX compliance to see if these requirements
> can be removed. I'd leave the SAP dba in the DBA group though because most
> all database administration is likely to end up being done by them through
> the SAP admin tools for Oracle. In recent releases these tools have got
> reasonably smart - so for example just because you use BRTOOL to backup your
> database that doesn't mean that the backup can't be an RMAN hot backup -
> these advances have not always been appreciated by BASIS consultants.

Ugh. I don't trust anyone else with backup and recovery because it is MY responsibility and I am not going to delegate it.

So, I don't use the BR tools for backup or recovery.

The BR tools are a morass of command line options. Much simpler to just use RMAN and skip the brbackup tools IMO.

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