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Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2010 21:51:32 -0500
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I think non of Oracle database products certified on Windows 7. All Oracle software fails on prereq checks. Just click on check to see user verified message and then hit next. The software will be installed without any further issues. I installed 11gr1 software without any issues. I am using Windows 7 ultimate.  



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Yes, we had the same problem, but on 64-bit. You need to use the 11g client for Windows 2008 Server - Windows7 is compatible only with W2008. Unpack the zip file and in the file ..\stage\prereq\client\refhost.xml you need to add these lines in the Cerfified Systems section , e.g. below the Vista entry:


    <!-- Microsoft Windows 7 -->
      <VERSION VALUE="6.1"/>

Then the installer should work normally.

Note that this hack will work, but your installation is still not certified ;)


Around 9/02/2010 6:57 AM, Sandra Becker said: My new DBA was given a Windows7 32-bit pc. She has not been able to get an oracle client to install/work for her. She said she saw something that said to ignore the pre-req checks but it didn't work. I didn't hover while she tried so I don't have the exact message. Has anyone seen this? Any suggestions? She needs the client in order for other software to work.

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