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Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2010 16:33:39 -0500
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Basically, it comes down to, if you want to drop stuff, feel free, but you're still going to pay just as much money to Oracle.

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Same or almost the same happened to us.
We were going to drop a user licenses, but were told that whatever discount we received will be renegotiated.

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Well this is 6i forms and reports. I don't need that anymore. We bought Oracle BI so we wanted to drop support for forms and reports and were told, if you do that, this happens, so needless to say, it is cheaper to keep paying for support on forms and reports than to drop it, even though it is itemized on the support renewal.


My management is not happy with that, we were looking at Oracle for other products, but I don't think those would win, and they just called IBM to talk to them about DB2. They are not happy at all.

Can you blame them?
On Mon, Feb 8, 2010 at 4:14 PM, Freeman, Donald <<>> wrote: Same thing happened to us. If we decide to drop anything they readjust the price of support for all the rest. Needless to say it won't be downward.

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This is an Oracle support renewal question.

We wanted to drop support for a couple of products, but were told that if we did that, the other items purchased in the same order would get bumped to list price and we would have to pay 22% of that for support. Has anyone heard of this?

Is there any way to get discounts on Oracle support renewals? Is there any option to prepay a few years in advance in exchange for a discount?

We reached out to some of our contacts from Oracle but they are pretty firm that there are no options unless we want to try and buy newer licenses at a steeper discount (but that would mean throwing our existing licenses away).

I know this is a somewhat taboo subject, but was hoping to get some pointers as our renewal is coming up.




Thomas Roach

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