Re: Minimize Performance Hit on Sort...Help!

From: Kellyn Pedersen <>
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2010 09:11:58 -0800 (PST)
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Oh Adar, you are sooooo preaching to the choir here... :)  As a follow up, we rewrote the query completely and then I was able to convince them that sorting 1.3TB of data in Oracle was NOT a good idea.  They are about to move the SAS servers from Windows to Linux, (yes, this was part of the reason to perform the sort on the database instead of in SAS...) and once they move over in the next month, they will be sorting on the SAS side, one way or the other.  DBA said enough is enough, I don't care WHAT claims the last DBA's made... :)

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Remove the order by and tell them to sort the data in SAS. Adar Yechiel
Rechovot, Israel

Kellyn Pedersen wrote:

IQuery with a order by that MUST be done in Oracle as the file is an output to a dataset in SAS.

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