Re: orasrp SQL*Net message to client as non-idle event

From: Karl Arao <>
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2010 17:17:24 +0800
Message-ID: <>

Egor .. the version is

[karao_at_karl ~]$ orasrp --version
orasrp 3.2.2 beta

Thanks for clarifying that Mark :) yeah it could be possible, better if I have put a logon trigger

	  create or replace trigger sys.set_trace
	  after logon on database
	  when (user = 'trace_user')
	  lcommand varchar(200);
	  execute immediate 'alter session set statistics_level=all';
	  execute immediate 'alter session set max_dump_file_size=unlimited';
	  execute immediate 'alter session set events ''10046 trace name
context forever, level 12''';
	  end set_trace;

then execute the SQL like this to avoid the "SQL*Net message from client" at the end...

	  sqlplus "trace_user/trace_user" << eof
          -- SQL HERE --

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