Re: For those installing Oracle SE, what systems meet the 4 socket limit?

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Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2010 09:49:17 +0100
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Maybe a little help is coming from:

Just to put some bitter joke on this subject, some times ago, being myself in doubt about counting cores/CPUs/chips for an Oracle SE, I asked my sales-rep and their replied: "We don't know how to answer your question, we are sales-people, not technical-people...."


>if you search the list archives you'll find that this question has been
>discussed before with no great clarity - largely because the license
>condition is unclear. Some Intel chips are certainly multi-chip modules in
>the technical sense, though it's also perfectly reasonable to describe all
>current microprocessors with their on-board cache etc etc as multi-chip
>I *think* your interpretation is what Oracle *intended, *i.e per processor
>SE on x86-64 and similar architectures, but frankly that clause is pretty
>close to unenforceable. If you want a laugh, but not a defnitive answer, I
>suggest you ask your sales rep. In fact if everyone asks their sales rep
>then maybe the policy will be clarified.

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