Query help - partition effective dates and collapse rows

From: Taylor, Chris David <ChrisDavid.Taylor_at_ingrambarge.com>
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 11:30:19 -0600
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Ok Guys/gals, I need a pointer in the right direction as I cannot seem to get this query to return the rows I want.

Here's the data layout:

Boat ID, Service Type, Effective Dt
200 NEW 1/1/1900
200 CIN 11/12/2002

200 INS 1/1/2003
200 COU 6/1/2007
200 INS 9/9/2008
200 COU 10/3/2008

200 COU 11/1/2008
200 INS 11/23/2008
200 INS 1/31/2009
200 INS 2/3/2009
200 INS 4/5/2009

What I need to return is the following rows thus collapsing SERVICE_TYPES that are the same when ordered by EFFECTIVE_DT

200 NEW 1/1/1900 <- new partition
200 CIN 11/12/2002 <-new partition

200 INS 1/1/2003 <-new partition
200 COU 6/1/2007 < - new partition
200 INS 9/9/2008 <- new partition

200 COU 10/3/2008 <- Collapse two COU rows down to the min EFFECTIVE_DT (new partition) 200 INS 11/23/2008 <-- Collapse all INS rows down to the minimum EFFECTIVE_DT (new partition)

The above would be the final result set

Does it make any sense what I'm trying to do?

I think I'm going to have to have a subquery that returns the rows with the Effective Dates I want and then select from that subquery but not positive.

Obviously I'm trying to use analytic functions to come up with this.


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