Re: MOS down again

From: Martin Bach <>
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 2010 14:03:21 +0000
Message-ID: <>

On 02/04/2010 01:46 PM, Bill Ferguson wrote:

> On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 6:31 AM,  <> wrote:

>> Same here, but I got this nice message
>> Service Error: sr/home: java.rmi.RemoteException: ; nested exception is:
>> HTTP transport error: javax.xml.soap.SOAPException:
>> javax.xml.soap.SOAPException:
>> Message send failed: Connection reset

And all this after Tom Kytes tirelessly propagates that end users shouldn't see this kind of error messages. If I remember correctly he last said that during his presentation at UKOUG in December...Seems to me he should hold a few seminars within his own organisation.

MOS is not yet back here for me (UK)-gets past the 99% and then returns a server error and suggests to reconnect later.

Hope that helps,


Martin Bach
OCM 10g
Received on Thu Feb 04 2010 - 08:03:21 CST

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