Re: Moving tables to a different tablespace using exp from 9i and imp into 11gR2

From: Ian Cary <>
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2010 12:30:28 +0000
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I think there are a couple of circumstances in which that technique doesn't work.
  1. Lob segments don't seem to remap to the default tablespace
  2. If the user has UNLIMITED TABLESPACE the default tablespace remapping is ignored ( I seem to recall this being granted as part of the resource role which is easy to miss)

One "trick" you might want to try is to temporarily rename the 11g tablespaces to their 9i equivalent, perform the import and then rename them back again.




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In the past I have changed the owners default tablespace, allocated quota on the new tablespace, revoked any quota for the old tablespace, dropped the existing table then done an import of that table and had it successfully create it in the users new default tablespace.

I can not get this to work importing into 11gR2. I receive an ORA-01536: space quota exceeded on the old tablespace.

Datapump seems to not be an option for this as the source of the export is a 9i database.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Scott Nelson


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