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From: Michael Schmitt <mschmitt_at_uchicago.edu>
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2010 16:22:08 -0600
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Hi All,

I am messing around with ORION on a couple of different machines and I am seeing results from a couple of servers that make me think something is goofy. The files are sitting on a SAN with 15K disks in raid 5, and the results are at the bottom of the email. I was wondering if I was most likely seeing results of caching on the server/SAN somehow (RHEL5 blades)? When I run the same test on the similar hardware, but a different set of disks on the SAN, I get numbers like IOPS 281 , MBPS 378, latency 4.44. Can anyone help explain the differences?

ORION VERSION Commandline:
-run simple -testname linuxprd2 -num_disks 8 (I just used this number because it was the same in the doc)

Maximum Large MBPS=2257.83 _at_ Small=0 and Large=3
Maximum Small IOPS=172705 _at_ Small=36 and Large=0
Minimum Small Latency=0.01 _at_ Small=1 and Large=0



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